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Showreel: Lectures and Interviews

Bruce Piasecki, business consultant and bestselling author, shares a few lectures and interviews.

Contents of This Disc

1. Financial Management Network
Interview (January 2012)
Here Dr. Piasecki discusses Ben Franklin’s “art of competitive frugality,”as described in his latest book, Doing More With Less: The New Way to Wealth.”

2. Hildene – Manchester, VT
Reading (November 2011)
Filmed at the historic summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, this documentary features Piasecki reading from Ben Frank- lin’s essay, “The Way to Wealth,” which formed the inspiration for his own best- selling book, Doing More With Less.

3. Capitaland Quarterly – Albany, NY
Lecture & Interview (January 2008)
Dr. Piasecki addresses a live audience on the topic of the growing movement of “social response capitalism” and its effect on the near future, followed by a roundtable discussion.

4. BBC America World News
Interview (April 2012)
Here Piasecki speaks about the self awareness of the American consumer. This BBC feature was rebroadcast to over 300 million viewers in more than 50 English-speaking nations.

5. The Street
Interview (April 2012)
In a segment syndicated to Yahoo! Finance and USA Today, Gregg Greenberg of the leading Wall Street TV show interviews Piasecki on money and investments, and how “doing more with less” not only represents a way to success, but is success.

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