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Moving from Senile to Social Capitalism

An excerpt from Piasecki’s sixth book, World Inc. examining a new stream within the turbulent waters of advanced capitalism — social response product development (SRPD).

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Corporate Strategy Today: An Idler in the City

A survey of the key megacities of the world—from Athens and Paris to Istanbul and Tokyo—proves the need for new forms of leadership in a world constrained by carbon, capital, and the very nature of capitalism. As coastal waters rise near Manhattan and other megacities around the globe, new forms of competition must emerge and thrive.We will not survive without them.

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Corporate Strategy Today: The Path to Growth

The roots of Suncor Energy’s enterprise as an innovative developer of hydrocarbon energy go back several decades. Suncor’s commitment to sustainability is a more recent development. Over the past decade Suncor has demonstrated leadership in meeting financial, environmental and social performance goals.

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