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“There are lots of books about winning. But they seem careless compared to this new examination of leadership and social needs. In this well-written series of essays the author combines history, philosophy, travel and a keen sense of observation to produce a business guide for the new millennium. In the process, Bruce Piasecki redefines what winning looks like for all of us.”

Gerald Bresnick
Vice President Environment, Health & Safety and Social Responsibility, HESS

“Bruce Piasecki is not simply another writer with promises. He has created a book about discovering and maintaining wealth that, in fact, redefines wealth itself to include much more than mere numbers in a bank account. This is a life-enhancing book, well worth reading.”

— Jay Parini
Bestselling author of The Last Station and The Passages of H.M.

“Bruce Piasecki brings an original point-of-view and an acute sensitivity to the staggering challenges of our day, especially our wild abuses of natural, social, and financial capital. He is one of the few thinkers really upping the ante to leaders in business and society.”

James Howard Kunstler
Bestselling author of The Long Emergency and The Geography of Nowhere

“This is the best book on megatrends and the near future since MEGATRENDS.”

— A. Dwight Bedsole
30-year veteran of DuPont and AHC Group Senior Associate (retired)

[For a free interview of DuPont’s CEO, on megatrends, click here.]

“Out of this author and teacher’s informed optimism has come this antidote to the self-destructive greed and folly of our recent past. Piasecki offers new grounds for hope this century, as he elevates the roles of competition, innovation, and stewardship in our lives.”

— Barbara Kass
Author, teacher

“Bruce Piasecki has written a warm, superb book that provides a new framework for social leadership this century.”

— S. Thyag
Director, Energy Answers International, Paris, France

“Bruce Piasecki’s latest work artfully blends the practical with the profound. Piasecki teaches us now that frugality is not only a personal virtue but a dire necessity in a world filled with 7 billion souls.”

— Demetri Chriss
Author, Athens, Greece

“I was inspired and uplifted by this brilliant presentation of competitive frugality as a force for creativity, innovation and making the world a better place. He writes beautifully, like a Matthew Arnold for today.”

— Trudy Heller, Ph.D.
Executive Education for the Environment

“Bruce Piasecki has a uniquely informed global perspective. This set of brilliant essays appeals to the global reader in its friendly and witty narrative style. Piasecki weaves powerful anecdotes and adroit business analysis to explain how our modern times work at its very core.”

— Erol User
President & CEO, User Corporation, Istanbul, Turkey

“Piasecki is a prose master that inspires with information, persuasion and delight, giving us informed glimpses of a poetry in our near future.”

— Hadassah Broscova
Founder of Carpe Articulum Journal and Foundation

“This new book captures the humility and moral insights of Bruce Piasecki, whose life has been shaped by up-close encounters with an amazing range of governments and corporations. I have posted numerous radio shows on the life and work of Bruce Piasecki. They all are inspirational, like this must-read book.”

— David Williams Gibbons
Broadcaster of In Discussion, Syndicated Worldwide at the Gateway Media Group

“Read this book and grow. It is set with the right voice for our times. Piasecki aptly coins our world swift and severe.”

— Gordon Lambert
Vice President, Sustainability, Suncor Energy

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