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For over 30 years, Bruce Piasecki and his senior associates at AHC Group, Inc. have reached, entertained, and informed audiences around the world. He has built a general management consulting firm, AHC Group, Inc., based on principles of frugality, global competitiveness, and competing on sustainability.

Some of his speaking topics include:

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AHC Group, Inc.

AHC GroupTo book Bruce Piasecki or one of his senior associates for non-profit and/or academic settings, please contact Marti Simmons at or by calling (518) 583-9615.

Premiere Speakers

Premiere SpeakersFor corporate, trade groups, and large network speaking engagements, please contact Premiere Speakers at 1-615-261-4000, email Shawn Hanks or visit Bruce’s page at the Premiere Speakers website.

University of New South Wales, Sydney

Doing More With Less

Manchester Business School

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